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Lékué Silicone No-Spill Bakesheet

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Lékué Silicone Rimmed Pan
Silicone baking mats are a fantastic kitchen tool to have on hand, especially if you do a lot of baking. These ovenproof mats give you a nonstick surface on every pan and you can use them time after time. One feature that I appreciate about them is that they make it very easy to clean baking sheets, since cookies and breads barely come in contact with the sheets themselves and you don’t have to worry about stuck on sugar or grease. But if you are baking something very sticky or very oily, you’ll find that the flat mats don’t protect your pans quite as well, since they’ll give you a nonstick surface for your products, but the messy drippings will run down underneath the mat and still get glued onto the surface of the pan.

Lékué has a solution with this unusual Silicone No-Spill Bakesheet. The silicone mat has a raised rim around the whole outside edge that is designed to keep any drips, oozes or spills contained on the mat – where they can easily be cleaned off of its nonstick surface. Although this is called a bake sheet, this mat is really intended for use with another pan beneath it. The silicone is soft and not rigid enough to support the weight of something heavy (like the apples pictured) without bending and you’ll have a difficult time getting it in and out of the oven without some support – especially if you’re trying not to spill whatever has dripped onto the mat!  The mat measures 12 x 16-inches, so it will work perfectly with most large jelly roll or sheet pans. Like other silicone products, it is flexible and can be rolled up or gently folded for easy storage.

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