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One Stop Chop Cutting Board

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One Stop Chop
Mise en place is one of the most important things that you can do in the kitchen when you are going to do some cooking – or baking, for that matter. “Mise en place” is just another way of saying that you’re doing all of the prep work needed to make your dish. For instance, you would take out all your ingredients, clean them and chop them down to the size you’ll need. Prep work means that you might have a few extra bowls to wash after you’re done, but it also means that the cooking process will go very quickly because you won’t need to think twice before adding each component of your dish.

The One Stop Chop Cutting Board is designed to help make all that prep work even easier. The bamboo cutting board has three large, plastic drawers built underneath it that slide out so you can slide whatever you’re chopping in as you go. This keeps your work surface clean and your ingredients organized. The drawers slide completely out from underneath the cutting board, so you can reposition them to catch large ingredients and you can easily carry them to the stove or grill without carrying the whole board.

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