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  • Galettes are open faced tarts that are terrific for showcasing fresh summer fruits, and the Almond Apricot Galette from Confessions of a Bright Eyed Baker. To make the tart, a buttery pie crust is filled with a rich almond filling and topped off with lots of fresh apricots. A little bit of almond extract in the pastry dough helps to tie it in to the filling and bring all the flavors together. Sweet, juicy apricots pair very well with almonds, making this simple and rustic dessert a real showstopper in terms of flavor.
  • The Gooey Chocolate Coconut Cream Skillet Cake that Willow Bird Baking recently baked has a lot of great elements to it. The chocolate cake is baked right in a skillet, giving it a rustic and homemade look. The cake has a mild chocolate flavor and is topped with a buttery, chocolate and pecan frosting. This might be enough for some, but to take the cake over the top it is actually hollowed out and filled with an indulgent coconut cream filling, then further topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut.
  • Blueberry Kitchen‘s Strawberry, Buttermilk and Raw Honey Ice Cream is a delicious way to enjoy strawberries this summer. The creamy ice cream has a base made with tangy buttermilk, cream and plenty of egg yolks to give it a very silky texture. It is sweetened with honey, rather than sugar, and loaded with fresh strawberries. This would be a great element to have in a frozen strawberry shortcake dessert.
  • Chunky Monkey is a popular Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor, but the same flavor combinations translates into plenty of other banana desserts, too. Half Baked Baker baked a Chunky Monkey Cake. The simple looking loaf cakes are dense banana cakes that are packed with lots of ripe bananas, chocolate chips and toasted pecans. After baking, the loaf cakes are split in half and filled with caramel frosting, then they are topped with cream cheese frosting. It is a lot of flavor in a little package, and they all work together to create one indulgent dessert.
  • Another dessert where strawberries are the star is Thyme of Taste‘s Strawberry Tart with Mascarpone Cheese. The tart filling is not baked, which means that the tart shell can be baked in advance and the filling can be prepared without heating up the kitchen on a hot summer day. The filling is primarily creamy mascarpone cheese, lightly sweetened and flavored with a little lemon and vanilla. It is topped with fresh strawberries with are glazed with a port reduction before serving, giving it a beautiful finishing look and a complex, sweet and very grown up flavor.

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