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Bake it in a Cupcake

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Bake it in a CupcakeA cupcake is a treat that delivers a lot of flavor in a small, single-serving package. They’re usually dressed up with sprinkles or other pops of color on top, but when there is a surprise inside the cupcake – such as a dollop of chocolate or marshmallow filling – it makes it that much more delicious. In Bake it in a Cupcake, you’ll find dozens of recipes that deliver more than just a cream filling. This cookbook focuses on “surprise inside” cupcakes. These cupcakes are filled pops of color, different flavors of cake and even pie – with flavors and looks that you would never think to find inside of a cupcake.

Surprise inside cupcakes really deliver two desserts in one, and so they do take a little more work than your typical cupcake. For most of the recipes, you’ll need to bake two different recipes – one for the center and one for the cake surrounding it. In some cases this means baking a different type of cake then cutting it into the appropriate shape for the featured center of the main cupcake. In other cases, this means baking a cookie or tiny pie to place in the center. The recipes, although they might have a few more steps than plain cupcakes, are written to make things easy and are not difficult to follow along with. Once you bake your way through one recipes, you’ll discover that the finished product is so much fun (and so tasty) that it is well worth a little bit of extra baking time to make a perfectly surprising cupcake.

The recipes are accompanied by beautiful photographs that really showcase what you can do with this kind of cupcake. The cupcakes with tiny pies inside are definitely my favorites, because they are so unexpected! There is a wide range of flavors – from fruit to chocolate, as well as some savory cupcakes – and lots of explanation about the methods used. You’ll be able to use these recipes as building blocks to come up with your own designs and flavor combinations as you “bake it in a cupcake” yourself.

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  • Linda
    June 17, 2013

    New website design is very nice! I saw you were down over the weekend for some upgrades. Took a bit for me to realize I was on the right site when I clicked on my bookmark this AM. Nicely done! Should be even more fun to check out the site daily.

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