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6 Delicious Desserts to take to a BBQ

Strawberry Chiffon Cake Summertime is barbecue season. Planning barbecues is always fun, whether you’re making dinner for the family or cooking for a big group of friends. When it comes to food, there are lots of options. You can opt for smoked or grilled meats, hamburgers, sausages and all manner of grilled veggies, and sides like salads and fruit salads are always welcome. Dessert gets a little bit tricky, though, because you generally need things that can be served outdoors and don’t need special serving conditions. Since barbecues tend to offer a lot of savory foods, it helps if dessert is a little on the light side, too. These six desserts are all sure to be a hit at any summer barbecue, from first-of-the-season Memorial Day kickoffs right through Labor Day. This Strawberry Chiffon Cake is packed with fresh strawberries and lots of flavor. The chiffon cake is very light but sturdy, which means that you can serve slices directly into waiting hands without having to plate them. If you do have extra paper plates, you can finish it off with fresh berries and whipped cream. Summer squash often get grilled, but zucchini can be easily incorporated into a dessert like this Zuccini Cake with Lime Cream Cheese Frosting. The flavorful cake packs in a lot of veggies and, since it is a sheet cake, it is easy to transport and will serve a big crowd. Zuccini Cake with Lime Cream Cheese Frosting Lemonade is a refreshing drink that is always a hit at summer parties and this Pink Lemonade Cake takes it from drink to dessert. The airy, lemony cake only needs a simple glaze to finish it off, so you don’t need to worry about frosting melting on a hot day! Cool slices of watermelon can be a good dessert option on their own, but these Watermelon Cupcakes might be even better. They look like little tiny watermelons and they taste like melon – thanks to a splash of melon liquor that is added to the batter. The alcohol should bake off in the oven, but look for melon extract if you want to eliminate the alcohol in your batch. Watermelon Cupcakes Stone fruits find their stride in the summer and a Summer Nectarine Cake is a lovely way to serve them up. The dessert showcases fruit as well as a shortcake, but there is no assembly required before serving it. Fruit cobbler lovers will definitely find themselves reaching for a second slice of this one. If you’re grilling over an open flame, the best desserts you can serve are Homemade Campfire S’mores. You just need chocolate bars, graham crackers, marshmallows and some sticks so you can get those marshmallows hot and toasty over the fire while maintaining a safe distance. They’re always a hit with kids AND adults. Toasting Marshmallows

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