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  • Rich, buttery pound cakes are great recipes to have in your repertoire, because there is never a bad time for a pound cake. They are also very versatile cakes and you can do a lot with a basic recipe. First Look, Then Cook baked a Pistachio Pound Cake, a lovely twist on a classic cake for pistachio lovers. The cake is lightly flavored with citrus, and has both lemon and orange juice in it, as well as orange and lime zest. It is also packed with toasted pistachios, which give the cake a tremendous amount of flavor, texture and a beautiful look when you start to cut slices for serving.
  • Madeleines are small, plain sponge cakes that are usually served very simply, but just because they are usually plain doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with different flavors. The Vagabond Baker made some Almond and Lemon Curd Madeleines that are not your typical madeleine. They’re made with ground almonds in the batter and flavored with a little almond extract. They are also filled with homemade lemon curd, which is piped in to each cake after baking, much like filling a cupcake.
  • The Double Butter Blondies that Feeding Darragh recently baked up sound like they will be very indulgent – and they are. These chocolate chips and nut-studded blondies don’t have double the butter, instead they are swirled with a homemade butterscotch sauce that gives them a rich flavor and an over-the-top decadence. The butterscotch sets up in the oven but doesn’t firm up completely, so these bars can be a little bit messy to eat, though they are worth every bite.
  • A fool is a British dessert made by mixing whipped cream and pureed fruit together into a mousse-like dish. The advantage to them is that they are easy to put together since there is no baking time involved, and Arctic Garden Studio recently whipped up some Key Lime Cheesecake Fools. These desserts have layers of homemade key lime curd and cream cheese whipped cream. The cream cheese gives the fools their cheesecake-like flavor and texture, and the lime curd pops with bright, citrus flavor.
  • Lemon and coconut is usually a winning combination, and Meyer lemon and coconut just might be even better. Food Nasty‘s Meyer Lemon Cake with Coconut Frosting packs in a lot of both of these elements. The towering four-layer cake has a beautiful yellow color and enough lemon zest in the batter to give it a nice citrus note. Meyer lemons are sweet, but still deliver a lot of lemon flavor, although you can substitute regular lemons into the cake recipe, as well. The cake is topped with a frosting made with coconut milk and it is completely covered in shredded coconut before serving.

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  • This is a great post, thanks so much 🙂
    I’ve never made pound cake before as it has never looked that exciting, but the pistachio one sounds gorgeous.
    And “Say It With Cake” has an amazing looking recipe for Dulche de Leche filled madelines, yum!

    Thanks for sharing
    Leah x x

  • Linda
    April 4, 2013

    Thanks for the bites from blogs. I always look forward to them and appreciate you doing some of the work for us to find new baking sites and great recipes.

  • Rachel Davis Vagabond
    June 29, 2014

    aw, thanks for including my yummy madeleines! xx

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