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Wilton Two-Tone Cupcake Inserts

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Wilton Two Tone Cupcake

When you think of a two-tone cupcake, you probably picture a marble cupcake where two different colors or flavors of batter are swirled together. Wilton’s new Two-Tone Cupcake Inserts allow you to make a cupcake where just the center is a completely different flavor from the outside. The advantage to a two-tone cupcake like this one is that each flavor of cake will be stronger, since it isn’t “diluted” by swirling it into another batter. The finished cupcakes also have a very fun, unique look to them and definitely deliver a surprise to anyone who bites into one!

The insert is very similar to the insert for a checkerboard cake pan, where you can put different colors of batter into one pan to create checkerboard squares of color in the finished cake, but it is done on a much smaller scale here. You place the plastic insert into your muffin tray – you can get a whole set from Wilton or just use the muffin pans you have with the inserts alone – and fill the center and the outside separately with different colors/flavors of batter, then slide the insert out to use on another row of cupcakes. You don’t need to clean the insert between rows of cupcakes (each insert handles 3 cupcakes at a time) unless you want to change up the colors from row to row, in which case you can simply rinse it off. You remove the inserts completely before baking.

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  • Louise@cakeandcalico.com
    March 8, 2013

    What a great little gadget. Don’t you just love multicoloured cakes? Thank you for sharing!

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