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  • When I was a kid, I always loved a party that had a piñata – and this Piñata Cake from A Subtle Revelry is an amazing version that should be a hit with “kids” of all ages. It is a cake that has been hollowed out and filled with a variety of little candies – just like a real piñata. The cake needs to be sculpted  but the post explains everything you need to do to bake this very clearly, and it is much easier than you might think on first glance. Now, all you’ll need is a party that gives you an excuse to make on!
  • Beer breads tend to be great choices when you’re looking for a loaf that is easy to make, since most don’t use yeast or require a long prep time. Girl Versus Dough baked a savory Gruyere-Rosemary Beer Bread that takes just minutes to put together. The bread gets much of its flavor from a full 12-oz of beer, which adds a nice yeasty flavor to the bread, and a generous helping of shredded Gruyere cheese and fresh rosemary. This bread would be delicious on its own, but these flavors would pair well with many different meals, so it is an excellent side dish, as well.
  • Dutch babies are big, puffy pancakes that are a perfect addition to any breakfast or brunch. Day Dreamer DessertsDark Chocolate Dutch Baby is one that would be equally well received as dessert. This dutch baby has an infusion of cocoa powder in the batter that gives it a dark, irresistible chocolate color and just the right amount of chocolate flavor. The pancake can be served with powdered sugar, as many breakfast Dutch babies are, or you can dress it up for dessert with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
  • Daydreamer DessertsIrish Coffee Oatmeal Cookies are a nice spin on traditional oatmeal cookies that makes them perfect for a St Patrick’s Day celebration. Irish coffee uses both coffee and whisky, and so do these cookies. The oatmeal cookies are infused with just enough coffee to make it noticeable, but there is no whisky in the cookie dough. The whisky comes in the form of boozy, whisky-infused raisins that are stirred into the cookie dough just before baking.
  • Browned butter makes just about anything better, and this Brown Butter Upside Down Pear Cake from Cooking for Keeps is no exception. The deceptively simple cake has a layer of pears cooked in caramel on the top of a rich browned butter cake. It’s a great combination, since the nutty browned butter adds a lot of flavor to the sweet pears and caramel. The cake doesn’t take long to make, so this is another recipe that you could easily make for company or whip it up on a weeknight if you have some ripe pears sitting around the house.

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