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Sugar’s Got What It Takes, a vintage ad

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Sugar's Got What It Takes, small

The pile of food magazines that I have in my collection is big, and each one is studded with post-its that mark the page of all the delicious sounding recipes that I have long planned to try (and hopefully will in 2013). These magazines are also packed with vintage ads for everything from food to cigarettes that are well-worth a look or two. I’ve seen many vintage ads, but I have never seen one that I like as much as this ad for sugar.

I cut this ad out of a Time magazine from the mid-1960s, just after the artificial sweetener Aspartame hit the market. Clearly, the sugar industry was worried about losing market share to this calorie-free sweetener. I suspect that they still are, but that they wouldn’t use a marketing strategy like this one nowadays!

The ad basically tells you how running low on energy could be hazardous to children – and what better way to avoid exhaustion than by making sure they have plenty of sugar! It’s hard to disagree with that logic. My favorite part of the ad is the warning at the bottom that reads:

Note to Mothers: Exhaustion may be dangerous – especially to children who haven’t learned to avoid it by pacing themselves. Exhaustion opens the door a little wider to bugs and ailments that are always lying in wait. Sugar puts back energy fast – offsets exhaustion. Synthetic sweeteners put back nothing. Energy is the first requirement of life. Play safe with your young ones – make sure they get sugar every day.

Be sure to click on these images to enlarge and get a full sized view of the ad. Now, I’m off to eat some sugar just to be on the safe side.

Sugar's Got What It Takes, warning

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  • kcmeesha
    January 3, 2013

    they published a whole bunch of those, I got some on my blog, probably not all.
    BTW, long time reader, thanks for the great blog

  • Stephanie
    January 4, 2013

    How hilarious! I love it

  • What a fun ad!

  • Sugar Baby
    January 6, 2013

    Oh my gosh – thanks for the giggle!

  • Theresa Z
    January 8, 2013

    Do you recall the month and year of the magazine? I would love to find it just for that ad. I would frame it and hang it in my kitchen. PS – I’m a diabetic!!

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