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  • I Am Baker‘s Neapolitan Chocolate Cookie Cups are a bite sized treat that could be a sweeter option for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day than a standard box of chocoles. They are chocolate sugar cookie cups that are filled with chocolate or vanilla buttercream and then topped with strawberry buttercream. Easy to make, but with the combination of colors and flavors, they are impressive when they are finished. A star tip will help you get the neatest look on your piping and a nice swirl to finish off the cups.
  • Southern Grits Pie is, as you might guess from the name, a Southern tradition that Cake Spy recently baked. The pie is a custard pie, thickened with quick cooking grits. Grits may seem like an unusual addition to a dessert, but they do an excellent job of thickening the custard and add a slightly hearty texture to the finished pie. The pie is also a bit of a blank canvas, so you can put a twist on it easily by adding citrus zest or a variety of different extracts to put your own spin on it.
  • There are many different desserts that you can make with pears, but few of them are as visually interesting as Coffee And Quinoa‘s Whole Pear Parfait with Goat Cheese, Chocolate and Granola. This layered treat uses a whole pear, sliced horizontally into layers, as its foundation. The pear layers are separated with creamy goat cheese, rich chocolate ganache and crunchy granola. It is impressive looking when assembled, and an indulgent – but not so decadent that you won’t be able to eat the whole thing – dessert with a very interesting combination of flavors and textures.
  • Every home baker needs a good bundt cake recipe in their back pocket and this Orange Strawberry Swirl Cream Cheese Bundt is the one from Baker Street. The base of the bundt cake is a classic, dense cream cheese pound cake that is just as good on its own as it is when it is dressed up with other flavors. In this case, the cake has a strawberry and citrus swirl running through the center of the cake. The homemade filling is easy to put together and is made with only strawberries, orange juice and sugar. A little orange zest in the cake batter marries the filling to the cake nicely.

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