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Twisted Cakes

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Twisted CakesThere aren’t that many occasions throughout the year when you need a truly evil looking cake, but Halloween is definitely the season for unusually creepy designs. The book Twisted Cakes: Deliciously Evil Designs for Every Occasion is full of recipes for decorating some very scary cakes that are perfect for this time of year. The book focuses on decorating and sculpting cakes into pieces that are almost too scary to eat.

The cakes cover a range of creepy categories and are also appropriate for a range of different skill sets. For instance, the two-headed pig cake featured in the inside cover of the book might be a little too time-intensive for some, but the stabbed cupcakes are a much quicker and easier – but no less scary – design to put together. The  basic recipes for everything edible that you might need are given towards the front of the book. The individual entries in the book focus on the designs and how to put them together, referencing anything cake related from the basic recipes already given. In the introduction, the book also covers the basic tools that you’ll need to work on these cakes. Not every cake is going to need the same equipment, but it is worth taking a look at the list because some of the tools are things that you are more likely to find in an art store than a bakery, though you will definitely need them for some of the more sculptural designs.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for Halloween treats, this book is definitely a good place to find it. The cakes are unique and range from slightly scary to downright chilling (especially if you’re scared of that clown!).  The instructions are clear, with lots of photos to illustrate the various steps that go into each design, so they are easy to follow along with even if you aren’t a professional cake decorator to begin with. The range of skill levels for the different recipes varies, so there really is something for everyone and there are also many recipes to build on as you work up to more and more evil-looking designs.

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