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Pumpkin Cake Pop Pan

Pumpkin Cake Pop Pan

Cake pops are usually made by mixing up cake and frosting together, into a dense and truffle-like ball. The frosting helps the cake pops hold their shape, while the cake gives them body, and everything is simply blended together in a bowl before the cake pops are shaped by hand. Some bakeware manufacturers are looking to make the cake pop-making process easier and less messy by introducing cake pop pans that allow you to simply bake round cakes. This Pumpkin Cake Pop Pan from Nordic Ware has the same idea as the round cake pop pans, but with a seasonal twist for fall.

The Pumpkin Cake Pop Pan allows you to bake 12 small, pumpkin-shaped cakes that can be easily decorated and turned into cake pops. The pan comes in two pieces. The cavities on the bottom half of the pan are filled completely with your cake batter and then the top half of the pan is snapped into place. As the cake bakes, it rises up to completely fill the cavities and created a 3D ball of cake. The pan has a nonstick finish, so the little pumpkins should come easily out of the pan.

The cakes can then be mounted on cake pop sticks and decorated with glazes, frostings or dipped into candy melts (an artificial chocolate-like coating that is popular for dipping cake pops because it comes in a wide array of colors and is easy to work with). They can also be served as mini cakes without a stick, where they make a nice addition to a fall dessert tray.

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  • Brendag
    August 29, 2012

    I could not locate these pans on-line. Are they not available yet?

    Thank you,

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