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Williams Sonoma Coconut Cupcake Mix, reviewed

Williams Sonoma Coconut Cupcakes

Williams Sonoma stocks a wide range of premium baking mixes, most of which are from famous bakeries and restaurants. For instance, they stock many mixes from Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc. Recently, however, they’ve expanded their offerings to include some of their own baking mixes, including a line of cupcake mixes. I immedately liked the packaging of their new mixes, but I was also interested in the range of flavors. They include chocolate, vanilla and red velvet – staples for many premium cupcake mixes these days – and also offered lemon and coconut. Coconut is not a cupcake mix flavor I see often and, as a huge fan of coconut, I felt that I needed to give that Coconut Cupcake Mix a try.

The mix is made with your usual cupcake ingredients: organic flour, sugar, baking powder, unsweetened coconut, coconut flavor, vanilla powder, canola oil, sea salt, baking soda and nonfat dry milk. You add your own eggs, butter and milk to the mix, using the same cold butter technique that I use in my Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes. The finished cupcakes were super tender and had a great coconut flavor, exceeding my expectations for a coconut cupcake mix because the flavor tasted very natural, not artificial. These aren’t your average cake-mix cupcakes and they really do taste homemade.

The packaging, which is very cute, includes a recipe for a simple buttercream frosting. I added some shredded coconut myself to give the frosting a finishing touch and to let everyone know from a glance that these were coconut cupcakes.

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  • Angie
    June 22, 2012

    I tried this mix and it was pretty good! A big improvement over the Sprinkles Cupcakes mix they sell. The manager told me they are going to stop carrying the Sprinkles mix.

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