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What is Yuzu?

Lemons, limes and oranges might be the first fruits to come to mind when we think of citrus, but there are many varieties of citrus out there and they all have unique flavor profiles. Yuzu is a citrus fruit that resembles a smallish yellow grapefruit, with a somewhat bumpy rind. They have a unique flavor that is both tart and acidic, like a lemon, but also very floral, like lemon or orange blossoms. The fruit bear quite a bit of juice, but tend to have a lot of seeds, as well.

Yuzu are extremely hardy citrus and can thrive even in very cold temperatures. This typically means that a yuzu tree will bear fruit earlier in the winter than other citrus fruits, but the yuzu do fine in milder climates (as long as you’re in a citrus-friendly area) as well and can have a growing season that lasts through spring. Yuzu are not commonly seen in most markets, and Asian markets are usually the best place to find them. They’ve been becoming more popular over the past couple of years and you can also often spot them at farmers’ markets amongst the other citrus.

Yuzu juice can be used in any recipe that calls for lemon juice, including pies, cakes and tarts. Citrus fans will love the complex flavor of the yuzu and like the way that it stands out from other lemon recipes.

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  • Miya
    June 10, 2013

    I recommend you Yuzu-Tea!
    tastes so great 🙂

  • Nyomi
    September 19, 2013

    My Husband and I have been wanting to grow some Citrus Trees because I use the Juices, Flesh and Zest nearly every day. It gets expensive buying Produce that is shipped from ALL over the Country and WORLD! You mentioned that Yuzu can “thrive in very cold temperatures. My Husband and I live in NH, in the Upper Part of the Lower Third of the State. Would we be able to grow Citrus Trees (Specifically Lemon, Yuzu and Orange Trees) where we live? What exactly is a “Citrus-Friendly Area”? Thanks for all your Help and Information!!!

  • Nicole
    September 19, 2013

    Nyomi – New Hampshire, unfortunately, is not a citrus friendly area. Citrus trees do not do well with frost and snow. That said, you can actually grow some citrus plants indoors in large pots quite easily. Visit a nearby garden center to get details for your area.

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