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What is maple sugar?

Maple Sugar

Maple sugar is a type of sugar that is prepared with the sap from a maple tree. To produce it, the sap is boiled until almost all of the water has been removed from it and the remaining product has crystallized. The sugar can be sold in large blocks, molded into small shapes or simply ground into a granulated version that can be used like regular sugar. It has a strong maple flavor and aroma to it, just like maple syrup.

Maple sugar can be used in recipes in the same way as cane sugar is used. It can be used to sweeten drinks, top oatmeal or incorporated into a flavorful rub for meats. When using maple sugar in baking, it acts just like regular granulated sugar and can be creamed with butter for cookies and cakes. It is almost twice as sweet as regular sugar, so when using it in a recipe that calls for regular sugar, you will want to reduce the amount of sugar slightly so that your finished product isn’t too sweet. You can reduce it by as much as half, but since you want the maple flavor to remain pronounced, it can be a good idea to use slightly more than half and adjust as you go.

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  • Karan
    April 26, 2012

    also….also…I’m on the edge of my seat here….can I make maple sugar candy too?

  • Jenny
    April 27, 2012

    I saw this at Trader Joes yesterday but it was $4.99 for a pretty small bag so I didn’t try any but it sounds really good.

  • Dave
    May 5, 2012

    I saw this post and as a maple syrup producer I wanted to write and thank you for it. Many people aren’t familiar with maple sugar. One thing to keep in mind about the cost is that because it is sweeter than cane sugar, you need half as much and it has fewer calories (and a lower glycemic index) but it also has lots of vitamins and minerals.

    My wife and I are working on a kickstarter project to lower the cost of maple sugar on our farm, so we’ll see what we can do!

  • Noel
    June 20, 2012

    Love maple sugar ! It’s the only natural sugar i . s for bakingome friends and I buy it from a a local maple farm.(we live in northeast so lots of good ones here)…it does have a lower glycemic index and I feel tons better using it over regular sugar.I have baked with it for years and it has a texture like light brown sugar, very fine.I personally never liked maple flavored things but it has such a light hint it’s more like sugar than maple. I use it in everything from whipped cream to brownies…my favorite is making caramel sauce with it.

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