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The Treats Truck Baking Book: Cookies, Brownies & Goodies Galore!

The Treats Truck Baking Book: Cookies, Brownies & Goodies Galore!The Treats Truck is a New York City food truck that is packed with baked goods of all kinds and roams the city bringing a little sweetness to people’s daily routines. The Treats Truck Baking Book: Cookies, Brownies & Goodies Galore! contains some of the truck’s most popular recipes so that you can make them at home without stalking a food truck if you live in NYC and without booking a plane ticket to the city if you don’t. From the original Treats Truck, this dessert-centric business has actually grown to include a real storefront where customers can pick up their favorite snacks without wondering whether the truck will be nearby, but the book will take readers back to where this story began, with a truck, some sweat treats and a lot of hungry customers.

There is a real sense of fun about this book and it’s easy to see that just from looking at the cover. There are bright colors throughout the book, along with, photos of the truck, customers (sometimes with cute stories about them) and tempting pictures of the food, which all come together to paint the picture of a much loved truck selling much loved treats.

The recipes in this cookbook aren’t complicated or particularly fancy. Instead, they’re comforting, satisfying and tasty. They’re also recipes that you are very likely to actually make (you’ll certainly be tempted) because not only are they easy to make, but most of them use ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. You’ll find things like Classic Rice Crispy Squares, Apple Pie and Cream Cheese Brownies – all homemade favorites. Many of the recipes also come with suggestions for variations, so you can make a few simple tweaks and get treats with whole new flavors. There are also ideas that allow you to mix-and-match some of the book’s recipes, for instance adding a filling to a pair of cookies to turn it into an indulgent sandwich.

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  • NotPiffany
    January 16, 2012

    Last sentence of the first paragraph – it should be “sweet” treats, not “sweat” treats!

  • Marcia
    January 16, 2012

    The Treats Truck owner was on the Nate Berkus show last week. Her pecan butterscotch bars looked fabulous! I am going to make them soon!

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