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  • Linzer cookies are typically made with two cookie rounds, one of which has a windowpane cut-out, sandwiching a jam filling. The Secret Life of a Chef’s Wife put a nontraditional spin on a batch by baking Lime Linzer Cookies. These cookies have a zesty, homemade lime curd for their filling that gives them a bright flavor and a very unusual (for linzer cookies) color. These cookies take a little more effort to assemble than your typical cookies do, since the dough must be rolled out, sliced and have the windowpanes also cut out, but the finished product is beautiful and these are a great choice for entertaining.
  • Thai iced tea is made with strong, black tea that is generously sweetened with sweetened condensed milk. It’s creamy, sweet and can be downright addictive. The Thai Tea Fudge from She Simmers converts this popular drink into dessert. The white chocolate based fudge is flavored sweetened condensed milk, then it is divided and a portion is flavored with Thai tea. The two flavors are layered – just like the drink is before serving – and allowed to set. The finished product captures the look and flavor of the iced tea.
  • Molasses is the main player in the Spiced Apple Molasses Cake that Happy Yolks recently baked. It’s nice to see molasses used as the centerpiece of a cake, rather than being covered up by spices and other ingredients. The cake is still a spice cake, however, and the cinnamon, cloves and fresh ginger in the batter make for a well-rounded and flavorful cake. The cake is also generously studded with apple chunks that add moisture and break up the dark spiciness of the cake a bit. The finished product needs no frosting and is perfect when served with a hot mug of coffee.
  • Kitchen Simplicity‘s Eggnog Sugar Cookies don’t have any eggnog in the batter. The sugar cookies get their eggnog flavor from the addition of nutmeg and rum to an otherwise plain sugar cookie base. These two flavors are so associated with eggnog that they really do give the cookies an eggnog-like smell and taste. You’ll get the best flavor in these and other recipes that use nutmeg by using freshly ground nutmeg.
  • To get into the Christmas Spirit, a batch of Santa Hat Cookies from Domestic Fits might do the trick. These cute cookies start with a round sugar cookie base. Each one is topped with a strawberry then decorated with cream cheese frosting until it looks remarkably like a little Santa hat. The result is adorable, and the post also includes some nice reminders about donating to those in need this holiday season.

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