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  • The Flourless Chocolate Cookies from Kumquat are a great way to get a chocolate fix. The dark, satiny cookies look like they are bursting with chocolate flavor – and when you take a bite of one, you won’t be disappointed. The fact that they’re made without flour seems to make the chocolate even more intense, in addition to giving the cookies a chewy, fudgy texture. As if that weren’t enough, these cookies also happen to be quite low in fat, which means that you have the perfect excuse to try them out asap.
  • Pears and almonds are two ingredients that work very well together, and I’ve often seen fresh pears in an almond tart during the fall. I haven’t seen anything like Sweetapolita‘s Marzipan & Pear Cupcakes with Caramel Buttercream before, however, and they are another great way to marry these two ingredients. The cupcakes use a good amount of marzipan and a smaller amount of ground almonds in the batter, which gives them a strong almond flavor and a tender texture. Diced or pureed pears are also added for flavor and moisture. Homemade caramel buttercream is topped off with tiny marzipan pears to give these cupcakes a lovely finished look and hint at the flavors inside.
  • The Tomato Pesto Swirl Bread that Cookistry baked up recently is a bread that is as fun to look at as it is good to eat. The dough is rolled up jelly-roll style after being spread with two flavors of pesto – tomato and basic – and then it is twisted into a loaf. When you slice into a section of the bread after baking, you can see a very cool looking red and green swirl in every slice. This is the kind of bread that would go well with just about any savory main course, although because of the pesto inside, it would be ideal with a pasta dish.
  • Speaking of savory dishes, I couldn’t resist pointing out Spabettie‘s Carrot Ginger Quinoa Pepper Jacks. In this dish, orange bell peppers had jack o’lantern faces carved into them before being stuffed with filling and roasted. The result is that they look like tiny Halloween pumpkins when they come out of the oven – and since the filling is very dark in color, it highlights the jack o’lantern look even more. These baked peppers are easily one of the cutest and most Halloween-inspired ways to serve veggies that I’ve ever seen, and definitely one that is worth trying out yourself.
  • Halloween is a holiday to go all out with decorations, and dessert is no exception. Ambrosia posted some instructions on how to make Ghost Cupcakes, styling classic looking Halloween ghosts out of fondant to make perfect cupcake toppers. The technique is actually relatively simple, but that doesn’t take away from the “wow” factor of the finished decorations. You can use any flavor of cupcake you want with this technique, and the results will look spooktacular.

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