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ThermwWare Cool & Carry Food Carrier

ThermwWare Cool & Carry Food Carrier
Not every dessert we make is going to be served in our own kitchens. Cookies are packed up and bundled off to bake sales and tucked into school lunches. Cakes and cupcakes are carefully placed in cake carriers to be delivered to parties, potlucks and other celebrations. Delivering a cake in one piece isn’t necessarily that difficult – especially if you’re a careful driver – but it is nice to have a little bit of help to make sure the cake looks as good when you get there as it did when you left your house with it. One obstacle you’ll face when transporting a cake is heat, especially in the summer and early fall when the temperatures can be very warm.

Cake frostings and fillings are sensitive to heat and can melt or sweat easily. Cheesecakes also need to be kept cold. A big insulated bag full of ice packs will help cool your cake even if the outside temperatures (and the temps in your care) are very high, as will a large cooler, but these aren’t necessarily the most practical things to keep in your car. The ThermwWare Cool & Carry Food Carrier is another, somewhat more convenient option. This cake carrier has ice packs that tuck into its base. Freeze then in advance and your cake will have an extra layer of protection against the heat when traveling. It is not going to keep an ice cream cake frozen for hours before serving, but it will definitely help keep things cool when you’re going to an outdoor picnic on a warm day. The carrier can also be used to store fruit salad or other dishes that might need to stay a little cooler if you’re not using it for cake.

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  • rainey
    September 8, 2011

    That looks like it could be very clever.

    Can you say why the lid is in 2 parts? Is the handle secure for carrying or merely intended to lift the lid away from the bottom? Would the chilled bottom work with a cake held under a more attractive glass cloche if traveling weren’t the issue? Do you know where it’s available?

    Thanks for bring that to our attention.

  • Linda
    September 8, 2011

    I have one and while I don’t use it every other day it is great when I want to have something sitting out on a table that could use some cooler environment. I even used it to make a VERY LARGE trifle once and turned it upside down with the cooler on top to keep it less warm while being served. Very clever idea.

  • Nicole
    September 8, 2011

    Rainey – I think the manufacturer says it was designed that way for easier storage, in case you need to shave a few inches off the height to fit your cabinets.

    Linda – The trifle idea? Genius!

  • Kaylee
    July 29, 2014

    Very sturdy and works well at keeping food cool. Nice presentation.

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