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  • Donut fans will definitely like the Baked Lemon Ricotta Donuts from Technicolor Kitchen. These yeast donuts are made with a soft, tender dough that is filled with a creamy lemon-ricotta filling before being baked in the oven until golden. Like these Sugar Donut Muffins, the donuts are dipped in butter and rolled in sugar after baking to give them a crisp exterior that is very similar to that of a deep fried donut, but without the hassle of doing the frying yourself.
  • I Am Baker created some very cute Vanilla Cupcakes in Jars when she needed a a fun dessert for a gift. The fun part about the dessert is not just that the cupcakes are baked in jars and, as a result, come in cute single-serving containers, but that you can use the same cake batter to make at least six different flavors of cupcakes from just one batch of cake! The recipe comes with several flavor variations on the white cake that is its basic cake batter, and you can use those suggestions as a jumping off point for more flavors of your own.
  • If it’s still too hot to turn on the oven this weekend, you might want to opt for a frozen dessert as opposed to something baked, and Sprinkle BakesFrozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Terrine just might fit the bill. The terrine has two layers, a very rich peanut butter chocolate layer and a light vanilla layer on top. These two give the terrine a dramatic look – and also balance eachother out when eating. It is topped with roasted, salted peanuts to highlight the peanut butter flavor in the chocolate layer and they also add a crunchy texture to the dish. The terrine is made in a loaf pan, so it is an easy dessert to slice and serve.
  • Another peanut buttery recipe can be found in Cookie Madness‘s Rocky Road Peanut Butter Brownies. This recipe starts out with a batch of fudgy brownies, and the things that push it into over-the-top indulgence are also things that are added after the brownies come out of the oven, which means that it is actually a very easy dessert to put together (and you can even do it with a box mix if you need to). The brownies, while still warm, are topped with a layer of peanut butter then a generous amount of chocolate chips, salted peanut and marshmallows. The whole thing is put back in the oven just long enough to toast the marshmallows, then cooled before serving.
  • I’ve baked potato chips into cookies before, and have had good results with infusing a slight salty note into an otherwise sweet cookie. I’ve never tried adding them to a batch of brownies, as in these Cajun Brownies with Potato Chips , guest posted at Keep it Sweet Blog by The Actor’s Diet. It sounds like a strange combination, but adding the chips is actually a very easy way to create a spicy, salty sweet dessert out of what would otherwise be a plain batch of brownies. I wouldn’t recommend taking a chance on cheesey potato chips with this recipe, but chipotle chips and a pinch of cinnamon could yield a good result, too!

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  • Amanda
    July 27, 2011

    Thanks so much!! You have impeccable taste and I know I am going to love everything you have featured!! Off to check them out! 🙂

  • Lauren at Keep It Sweet
    July 27, 2011

    Thank you so much for including Lynn’s brownies! I want just about everything you listed.

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