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  • We’re coming up on barbecue season and you won’t find a more appropriate menu to kick off the summer than Cherry Tea Cake‘s BBQ Garden Party Menu. The menu goes from drinks to dessert and every recipe – and there are quite a few – includes barbecue sauce in ways that you probably never imagined. Get grilling season started with BBQ Whiskey Sours, BBQ Mac & Cheese and finish your meal a BBQ sauce-spiked peach cobbler. Don’t forget to save some sauce for whatever meats you’re grilling, too!
  • Notes from My Food Diary put some fresh summer blueberries to good use in a Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie. This easy to make cheesecake has a crumb crust and a creamy filling made with cream cheese and sour cream. It is a bit lighter than a regular cheesecake because there is simply a thinner layer of cheesecake in this dessert. You don’t want to fill the crust up completely with cheesecake so you can save room for the sweet and fresh berry topping.
  • Avocados are primarily used as a creamy or cooling element in hot, spicy and savory dishes (here in the US, at least), but the creamy texture of an avocado can actually make it work surprisingly well in dessert dishes. I’ve made an Avocado Ice Cream before with good results, and it looks like Two Peast and Their Pod had great success with another recipe for Avocado Ice Cream recently. This recipe uses a lot of fresh avocado, sour cream and a little bit of heavy cream for some added richness. It’s a decidedly different take on ice cream, but one worth trying if you’re an avocado lover!
  • Blueberries also take center stage in How Sweet EatsBalsamic Blueberry Crisp. This very adult dessert starts out as a fairly standard fruit crisp, complete with brown sugar and oat topping, but is topped off with a drizzle of a balsamic vinegar reduction that enhances the sweetness of other berries. Balsamic reductions make a great finish for many other berry dishes, so this is one trick that you’ll be able to use on more dishes than just the cobbler.
  • Peppermint bark is a popular chocolate treat that shows up a lot around the holidays, but chocolate bark is a great year-round snack to make (and give as a gift or share with friends!) if you are willing to think outside the peppermint box. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bark, which Cookies and Cups whipped up, sounds like a great idea. The bark is made up with thin layers of dark and white chocolate and, while the chocolate is still setting up, it is studded with chopped up chocolate chip cookies and a few extra mini chocolate chips. Crispy, store-bought chocolate chip cookies work well for this type of treat and will keep a bit better than homemade cookies will, but any kind of cookie that pairs well with chocolate is sure to be a crowd pleaser. I’ve actually done something similar with Oreos with great success. Anyone want to try it with buttery shortbread and see how it turns out?

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