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Honeycomb Cake Pan

Honeycomb Cake Pan
Honeycomb is one of the most beautiful patterns that you can see in nature, and the fact that it is filled with delicious honey makes it even more appealing. It was the inspiration for NordicWare’s newest specialty pan, a Honeycomb Cake Pan. Made of nonstick cast aluminum, the heavy duty pan produces a simple, but elegant, honeycomb patterned cake. The pan has a 10-cup capacity, which is about the same as a 9×9-inch square pan, so it is easy to convert recipes to work in it. The nonstick finish should provide a clean release, but it never hurts to lightly grease and flour a pan with this level of detail to ensure that each of the honeycomb shapes comes out cleanly.

You can bake any flavor of cake in a pan like this, but I’m going to recommend baking a Honey Cake, so you have a cake flavor to match the look of the pan, or a big batch of homemade cornbread that you can slather with butter and drizzle with honey when you go to serve it.

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  • Cheryl
    April 8, 2011

    Just exactly what does a 10 cup pan mean? That sounds bigger than a 9×9 pan. How is that determined? 10 cups of water, 10 cups of batter? What is a the cup size of a 2 layer cake? I usually think that a 2 layer cake will go in one of the 10 cup Wilton pans.

  • Hanne
    April 8, 2011

    What a cool cake pan! I’d love to have that one, I would make honey cakes (and other cakes) all the time then 😀

  • Amanda :}
    April 8, 2011

    omg, your last paragraph made me so hungry! lol

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