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  • Tall layer cakes are always showstoppers on the dessert table, but Sweetapolita‘s Inside Out Neapolitan Layer Cake will steal the show from any of them. This high-rising cake is beautiful to look at – and even better to eat. It is made with three layers of rich, moist devil’s food chocolate cake that are stacked up with a trio of swiss meringue fillings in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. You get a lot of flavor in this cake and a lot of color, as well. Be generous with the buttercream layers to emphasize the tri-color look of the cake and the neopolitan flavor.
  • Bagels are a great brunch food and homemade bagels are even more so. I like all kinds of bagels, from plain to Whole Grain Bagels, like those that Back to Her Roots recently made. These flavorful bagels are made with a combination of whole wheat flour and oats, giving them a nutty and hearty taste. The bagels are chewy and stand up very well to any kind of cream cheese or other topping that you might want to throw at them. Feel free to get creative with the bagels themselves, too, and top them off with seeds or spices for even more flavor variations.
  • Like homemade bagels, homemade donuts are another treat that are worth trying at least a few times in your own kitchen. Cookie Madness had great results with a batch of Raised Potato Donuts recently. Adding cooked and mashed potatoes to the donut dough made for an incredibly soft and light finished donut. They’re not very sweet on their own, so you’ll want to go over them with a thin layer of glaze to add sweetness and finish them off. Similar to the bagels, you can also top these off with a handful of sprinkles or shredded coconut for a little flavor variation!
  • Cadbury creme eggs are an Easter treat that many look forward to, and you might be surprised to know that there are quite a few culinary uses you can put them to when you don’t want to simply eat them straight out of the package. My Cadbury Creme Egg Muffins put a whole mini egg inside of each of a dozen muffins. Culinary Concoctions by Peabody‘s Cadbury Creme Egg Pie uses almost twice that number. It is a light, fluffy and decadent pie that isn’t as sweet as you might think, given that the main ingredient is cream eggs. Piled in a chocolate crumb crust, this inventive and easy to make pie is definitely a must-try for Easter celebrations.
  • It is always nice to have a simple recipe in your back pocket to make when you need a cake quickly. The cake could be for entertaining at home, treating yourself or for treating your neighbors when invited to an impromptu dinner. Swedish Visiting Cake, which Bella Eats recently baked, is one of those recipes. The simple cake is buttery and moist, topped with sliced almonds that add a nice bit of texture to each slice in place of frosting. The cake is not too sweet and is easy to dress up with fresh fruit or whipped cream, but is just as easy to slice and serve on its own for a more rustic finish to a meal.

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  • Anne @ Baking Me
    April 13, 2011

    These all look delicious! I especially like the Raised Potato Doughnuts and the Swedish Visiting looks fantastic!

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