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  • The only thing better than a big spoonful of Nutella is a great dessert that features the chocolate hazelnut spread, like a batch of the Mini Nutella Cheesecakes that Bakers Royale baked. These easy to make cheesecakes use an entire jar of Nutella, ensuring that they are as rich with flavor as they are richly textured from the cream cheese and heavy cream in the batter. Top them off with a drizzle of decadent dark chocolate sauce, or consider whipping up a little bit of Nutella whipped cream for a lighter finish.
  • Every kid wants to eat spoonfuls of raw cookie dough straight from the bowl because it somehow seems more fun than waiting for the baked cookies to come out of the oven. A batch of the Cookie Dough Brownies that Baking Junkie made are a way to have your cookie dough – and brownies, for that matter – and eat it too. The eggless cookie dough is completely safe to eat and it serves as a topping for a rich batch of brownies. You can use a mix or a from-scratch brownie recipe, and either way you’ll end up with a great combination of fudgy chocolate, buttery cookie dough and crunchy chocolate chips.
  • Another variation on classic brownies can be found in Confections of a Foodie Bride‘s Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies. These fudgy brownies are based on a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, and are kicked up with cinnamon and cayenne pepper to give them the spicy feel of Mexican hot chocolate. The brownies are topped off with a layer of rich chocolate ganache, which makes the brownies even more intensely flavored and decadent. You can boost the spiciness even more by adding extra cayenne if you really want a kick with your chocolate.
  • Like chocolate chip cookie dough, cake batter is another prebaked item that manages to be even more tempting than the finished product. Authentic Suburban Gourmet tried to get a cake batter fix with a plate full of Cake Batter Pancakes. And they did the trick quite well. The pancake recipe actually has some packaged cake mix in it, lending that distinctive cake batter flavor to a regular pancake recipe, giving you cake flavor without loosing the texture of the pancakes. These probably won’t replace good old fashioned buttermilk pancakes on a regular basis, but they’re fun and indulgent and definitely worth a try when a craving hits.
  • There is never a bad time for a tropical vacation, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll always find their way onto our calendars when we need them. Craving ChroniclesPina Colada Cake is a way to get a quick vacation fix with a tropical drink-inspired cake. The cake is loaded with flavorful cream of coconut and juicy pineapple pieces, along with a splash of rum to give it that cocktail feel. It’s not a layer cake, but a fuss-free single layer affair that somehow just seems appropriate for a vacation in a dessert.

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