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Wilton Micro Heart Sprinkles

Heart Sprinkles
One of the easiest ways to dress up a cake or cookies for a holiday is to top them off with some colorful sprinkles. I am always tempted by the seasonal sprinkles that hit the baking aisle during the holidays – trees for Christmas, bats at Halloween and hearts at Valentine’s Day – but I rarely end up using the sprinkles. The reason is that those specialty sprinkles are usually large, crunchy affairs that add color but start to detract from the texture of your baked goods. I was suckered in by these Wilton Micro Heart Sprinkles,  the last time I was out shopping for baking supplies and, for once, I was very happy with how the sprinkles turned out! These incredibly cute hearts are teeny tiny and come in red, white and pink. They are bright and festive looking, and the quality (at least in my batch) was very consistent, with no misshapen sprinkles. They are crunchy and slightly sweet, but they are so small that they didn’t distract from the flavor or the texture of the cupcakes that I decorated with them. I will definitely be using these on other Valentine’s Day goodies this year – not just relegating the container to the back of the pantry to be forgotten about.

I spotted these at stores like Target, Michaels and at a few grocery stores, so they should be relatively easy to find, but they are also available online if you’re looking for something simple to dress up your Valentine treats.

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