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Oven Mitt Apron

Oven Mitt Apron
Aprons are good for many things. For instance, they are good for helping you keep splashes of food off of your clothes while you’re cooking, giving you quick place to wipe flour off your hands and, if they have pockets, a place to stash a whisk, microplane or can opener until you need it. In the Oven Mitt Apron, classic aprons get a new functionality, doubling as potholders and making aprons an even more multipurpose kitchen item. The apron has thickly padded oven mitts built right into it, with pockets behind so that you can easily slip them on and grab a hot pan or baking sheet. Compared to a more traditional apron, it does look a bit silly when the potholder parts are dangling down – the look more like pant legs than a skirt – but they will definitely come in handy and there is nothing silly about not burning yourself in the kitchen!

The apron is made from cotton and is unisex, coming in just one size with an adjustable band at the waist. It has a more masculine look to it than many aprons, so it might be a good choice for someone who likes to grill and might need a little protection from hot grates and hot dishes.

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