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Origami Napkins

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When I go out to eat, it’s about the food – first and foremost. But once you have good food there are plenty of other things to appreciate about a nice restaurant including the decor and the service. One of those little things that I happen to like is when restaurants do pretty or inventive folds with their napkins, primarily because as a child this was one of the “fancy restaurant tricks” that I tried to imitate – unsuccessfully – at home. If I had had an Origami Napkin Kit at the time, I probably would have been a lot more successful. This kit comes with 40 cloth napkins that have origami fold instructions printed on them, so you can make four different designs: The Flapping Bird, The Polo Shirt, The Bird of Paradise, and The Jester Boot. The patterns are easy to follow and can be extended to use with any square napkins once you master the folds. This kit definitely makes me a little bit nostalgic, and while napkins still aren’t going to surpass food in their importance (in my mind, at least) any time soon, I still wouldn’t mind finally mastering those folds I tried do do so long ago!

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