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Need some summer reading? Try The Baking Bites Cookbook!

Looking for a little extra reading material this summer? How about a copy of The Baking Bites Cookbook! I know that summer reading lists are supposed to come out at the beginning of summer, but then most summer reading lists don’t include books that you’ll use again and again throughout the year. The Baking Bites Cookbook is actually perfect reading for summer because baking is a great family activity when the kids are out of school and have plenty of time on their hands. Reading recipes, as well as measuring, mixing and munching (ok, maybe not that last one!) are great skills for kids to practice and there are built in rewards for a job well done when you get to taste the products of your work.

The cookbook is packed with lots of great recipes that are easy to make and even easier to eat – and there are beautiful photos that accompany each recipe so you know what you have to look forward to while your creations are in the oven. Teenagers could easily do all of the recipes on their own, while younger kids can do them with a little bit of help from an adult. And grown ups shouldn’t have any problems if they decide to take over the kitchen and do the baking themselves, either.

So what are you waiting for? Order a copy today! The book is available directly from me via PayPal (free US shipping included and you get a discount if you buy two or more copies!) and can also be found on Amazon.com.

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  • Carole Resnick
    August 12, 2010

    I have had this cookbook for about 6 months and it has become one of my “go to ” cookbooks. The book is well written with beautiful pictures and easy to follow directions. I can alwaya find something to make,

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