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  • What better way to start off the morning than with a batch of cinnamon buns? How about some
    Salted Butter Cinnamon Buns
    , like those that Baking Equals Love recently made. The filling for these buns is made with lots of salted butter and brown sugar, giving them just enough salt to keep them from seeming too sweet. The buns are finished off with a drizzle of icing and, if you want to take the salty-sweet contrast a step further, you could give the buns a quick sprinkle of coarse salt before serving, too.
  • Served with coffee, tea or a big glass of milk, cakes are sweet and fall into the dessert category. Or, at least they do most of the time. This Savory Prosciutto Gruyere Cake from Butter Flour Eggs is made with Gruyere and a bit of Parmesan as well as Prosciutto. It’s got a lot of flavor two it, and it’s the type of cake that you’ll want to bring out before dinner to serve with wine or drinks, not ice cream.
  • Combining cheesecake with flourless chocolate cake is a sure way to produce an irresistibly rich dessert, as Cooking for Seven found out by baking a Flourless Chocolate Cream Cheese Marble Cake. This cake uses two batters and swirls them together into one pan to bake. A hint of espresso (or rum, if you prefer) in the chocolate portion of the batter makes it seem even darker and makes a better contrast to the vanilla and cream cheese batter. It’s easy to put together and a great choice for feeding the family or for entertaining.
  • It’s the middle of summer and pie season is still going strong, so Ezra Pound Cake‘s lovely Triple Vanilla Bean-Scented All-Peach Pie is definitely one to put on the short list of pies to try while everything is in season. This double crust pie uses five cups of peaches and an entire vanilla bean for its filling, giving the finished pie a round and vanilla-y flavor that takes the pie from good to great – especially for vanilla fans! Vanilla bean ice cream is a must for serving a pie like this one to play up that flavor even further.
  • If you don’t want to take the pie route with your peaches, perhaps Peach Vanilla Jam, like the one that Seasons and Suppers cooked up, would be a better choice. This easy to make jam uses both peaches and vanilla beans for a sweet, mellow preserve that goes well on just about everything. You can make a big batch if you want to can it for the off season, but this recipe doesn’t make a huge batch, so you could also simply store it in the fridge as your nosh your way through it with toast or scones.

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