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Los Italianos, Granada, Spain

Los Italianos
If you’re in Granada during the summer, a stop at Los Italianos is a must. This Italian ice creamery is a popular place and serves up some outstanding ice cream. The shop has unusual hours. It is open from 8am until midnight, and is closed during the winter (so, open from April – October, give or take a little). This makes sense when you consider that it gets quite cold in Granada during the winter and is fairly hot in the city in the summer.

The day I went, it was cold and raining, but that didn’t seem to slow anyone down. The shop was still busy, with locals and tourists alike ordering up ice cream cones and slushy fruit drinks. The prices are very reasonable and the servings are fairly small. I doubted that my single cone of Stracciatella (chocolate chip) would be big enough, but the ice cream was so creamy and smooth, I was pretty satisfied with the small portion even though I could have eaten more! It had a really fresh cream taste to it and you could tell it was a high quality product made with high quality ingredients.


Even though I got the relatively ordinary option of chocolate chip, the shop has all kinds of flavors, many of which are locally inspired. For instance, you can get a sherry ice cream made with real sherry! I also tried a drink that was a pineapple and ice drink, almost a cross between a smoothie and fresh juice. Not very photogenic, but incredibly refreshing and a great way to start the day if you’re there in the morning.

Los Italianos with Customers
Los Italianos
Gran Via 4
Granada, Spain

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  • Alli
    June 17, 2010

    Thanks so much for sharing about your trip to Granada – it makes me nostalgic, but in a good way! I loved going to Los Italianos. I always tried to go when it was slow, though, because it was pure chaos when it was busy – I’m not quite assertive enough to shove my way to the front of a crowd to shout out my order. That was probably the only time I’ve ever wanted to stand in a line! I hope you didn’t have to experience the craziness to get your ice cream!

  • Mercedes
    June 18, 2010

    Definitely a must if you’re going to Granada, my favourite is “Gianduja”, chocolatey and nutella-like, but straciattella is also wonderful. Also having something fresh and that creamy after eating tons of tapas and drinking beers around the city bars is a good thing!

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