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Ice Cream Galore

Ice Cream GaloreI often recommend pairing desserts with ice cream, and I typically recommend choosing vanilla because it goes so well with just about all desserts. I recently pointed out the merits of selecting chocolate ice cream as a pairing, but the fact is that once you start to branch out, there is a while world of ice cream that you can choose from. The freezer case is one place to start, but Ice Cream Galore is another. This cookbook has over 150 different recipes for ice cream, sorbets, granitas – and there are many that you definitely won’t find in your grocers’ freezer.

Homemade ice cream can seem intimidating, primarily because there are often quite a few steps involved in making the ice cream – mixing, chilling, etc. – and also because you need and ice cream maker. Once you have an ice cream maker (which you really do need), homemade ice cream is easy. The recipes in this book are particularly easy to follow along with and once you’ve done a couple, the rest will be a piece of cake.

There are plenty of great full-color photos to get your mouth watering in this book. There is also a huge variety of recipes to choose from Caramel Ice Cream to Coffee Granita, as well as sundaes, charlottes and other recipes that use ice cream.  For the more adventurous eaters, there is Horseradish Ice Cream and Feta and Black Olive Ice Cream – which come with savory serving suggestions in case you’re not quite sure what to do with them. Sweet or savory, there are a lot of options here, and a lot of good reasons to dust off that ice cream maker for the summer season.

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  • Thanks for the cookbook recommendation…I am definitely a collector!

  • Riley
    May 11, 2010

    Ordered the book from Amazon for $13.22 – doesn’t look like there’s a lot of copies around though.

    I’ve just started making home made ice cream with a White Mountain hand crank machine and the kids think it’s awesome.

    If you don’t make your own ice cream you should give it a try. Here’s an interesting article I found that might be helpful to folks thinking about making their own.


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    May 11, 2010

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  • Just love ice cream. i will recommend this blog to friends.

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