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The Best Bake Sale Ever Cookbook

The Best Bake Sale Ever CookbookWith crackdowns on what goodies you’re allowed to eat in schools these days, it can seem like the days of the school bake sale may be numbered – but even if that is the case, the classic treats that are bake sale staples will still be around for years to come. In The Best Bake Sale Ever Cookbook, you get a whole collection of recipes for sweet and savory dishes that will make any bake sale a success.

The book is divided up into chapters according, roughly, to bake sale category. It starts off with Cookies; Bars and Brownies; Breads and Coffee Cakes; Cupcakes, Rolls and Muffins; Cakes; Pies and Something Extra. All of the recipes are straightfoward, and most are fairly simple so you should have no problems following along with them. There are “Bake Sale Tips” scattered throughout the book, offering additional suggestions on how to package baked goods or customize them to suit tastes and/or a holiday season.

The book has a big selection of recipes, so you won’t have any problem flipping though the pages and finding something that appeals to you. You may have to judge on names alone, however, because there is only one small insert in the center of the book with photos of the included recipes. The photos are great, but definitely leave you wanting more, just as you might want to see a full spread laid out on the table at a bake sale, not just have someone tell you the names of the dishes you haven’t put out, yet. Still, there are lots of great ideas in here and you won’t have a problem kicking off a series of bake sales with these recipes.

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  • Cheryl Cormier
    April 5, 2010

    wow! what a great idea for a cookbook!

  • Tasha
    April 5, 2010

    I bought this book a few years back and I love it!

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