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  • Hummingbird cake has a sweet name and an even sweeter flavor, using bananas, pineapple, cinnamon, pecans and vanilla in a cake that really is unlike any other. Paris Pastry‘s Hummingbird Cake is a beautiful, layered afair that makes a great party cake. The ultra-moist cake is topped off with cream cheese frosting that goes well with all the fruity flavors in the cake itself. This is the kind of cake that keeps well and can be made on the weekend to last through a few days of snacking during a busy week.
  • A good pound cake has a tight crumb and a tender texture. A good amount of almond paste in the Chocolate Almond Poundcake that Baked Bree tried recently helped to give it this texture. The pound cake recipe is from La Brea Bakery. It uses a full 8-oz of almond paste, a sweet mixture of ground almonds and sugar that is a bit like marzipan, and is topped of with a little swirl of melted chocolate and some streusel topping. Each of these elements is good on its own, adding a lot of flavor to what could be a plain cake, but when combined it turns this simple cake into a real hit, especially for almond lovers.
  • Sea Salt with Food‘s Yukon Gold Cinnamon Rolls have a surprise ingredient: yukon gold potatoes. Potatoes actually make a great addition to many bread doughs because they add a lot of softness to the finished product. This is the perfect match for a batch of cinnamon rolls, which really benefit from an ingredient that makes them even softer and fluffier than they normally are. You can cook up a batch of potatoes just for this recipe, or set plain, cooked potatoes aside as leftovers when you’re making dinner to mash later for a fresh batch of rolls.
  • If you’ve ever opened your cupboard to see just a handful of each of several different types of nuts left – too few to make a recipe dedicated to just one type – you will want to take note of the Choco-Nut Cream Pie at The Gluttonous Vegan. This chocolaty pie contains a mix of nuts, macadamias, pecans and walnuts, all at the base of a very rich creamy base. That base is made with soy cream, since this recipe happens to be vegan, and is enriched with a little bit of peanut butter just to add to the overall nuttiness of the dessert. You might be able to make this with leftovers, but when you look at the photo of the finished product, you might just find yourself searching out the ingredients just to make this.
  • As lovey as layer cakes and bundts are, there are times when you want something quick and simple that requires a short cooking time, no cooling off and no frosting. The Pine Nut Butter Cake from So Good and Tasty neatly fits into this category. The cake is simple, just butter, flour, eggs and quite a bit of sugar, and bakes into a thin, and oh-so-buttery layer. Before baking, the cake is topped with a sprinkle of pine nuts that toast up nicely while the cake is in the oven and add flavor, without being fussy.

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  • Gina F
    April 7, 2010

    hello Nicole, got your cookbook yesterday, looks awesome, I’m going to try baking everything you have in the book. My kids said ok mom start NOW! I’ll let you know how it goes. thanks for sharing.
    gina F
    p.s. my postal guy folded the book on the spine side so it can fit in my mailbox (?!) and ripped it other then that looks ok! thanks

  • Joanne
    April 7, 2010

    can I just say that I love this feature on your blog! I find so many new blogs this way!

  • Diana Jeffrey
    April 7, 2010

    I was copying down the Chocolate Almond Pound Cake recipe and noticed a measurement wasn’t given for the cream. The recipe simply stated to add the cream. Any idea how much? I thought I’d make this for work. Thank you.

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