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Safari Cupcake Wrappers

Safari Cupcake Wrappers

Grocery stores, as a general rule, have a very limited supply of cupcake wrappers to choose from. Plain white, silver and an assortment of pastel pinks, yellows and blues are the standards. They serve their purpose, but when you spend the time baking cupcakes from scratch and decorating them by hand, you want your wrapper to look just as good as the cake inside of it (especially if you like to photograph your handiwork). As a result, I’m always on a lookout for great new cupcake wrappers to add to my collection. Safari-inspired wrappers that come in both a zebra print and a cheetah pattern fall into that category. These are full-size (standard, not mini or jumbo) liners that will definitely add a little bit of flair to a regular batch of cupcakes or muffins.

There is no need to match the type of muffin you’re making to the wrapper, but a Zebra Cupcake would be a nice touch to match the zebra wrapper. And if you want to theme your cupcakes, you might want to consider picking up a batch of jungle animal cupcake toppers made from sugar to finish off your creations.

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  • Linds
    February 3, 2010

    They look great, they’d really brighten up a simpler cupcake too. I tend to stick with plainer cases as it’s all I have to hand but these would be great for a kids party!

  • Elizabeth
    March 28, 2011

    So, I am interested in purchasing some zebra and cheetah cupcake wrappers, where can I find them?

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