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  • I am not someone who usually grinds her own flour, but reading about the Crunch Hippy Fresh Ground Whole Wheat Chocolate Cranberry Cookies at Nikas Culinaria makes the idea seem very appealing. Grinding your own flour gives your recipe a nice nutty, whole wheat flavor and a coarser texture than it is going to get from regular whole wheat flour – and definitely a big change from all purpose. You will need a wheat grinder, but using a coarse stone ground flour that can usually be found at a natural foods market will give you a similar approximation.
  • I am a big fan of the rich and slightly tangy flavor of buttermilk pie, but often make them quite plain to get the most buttermilk flavor out of them. The Maple Buttermilk Meringue Pie from Dinner with Julie looks even better than the classic version. The filling uses a lot of maple syrup for sweetness and many egg yolks to enrich the custard. The whites don’t go to waste, however, because six of them are used to make the towering meringue that finished off the pie.
  • If you have a couple of oranges in the kitchen, a great use for them is in an Orange Infused Cake with Candied Oranges, like the one that Our Chocolate Shavings made recently. The cake is similar to a pound cake, with egg whites beaten and folded into the batter for lightness. Juice and zest from one orange go into the cake, and juice and zest from another go into the glaze. The finishing touch for this cake really is the candied orange slices that top it. They take the cake from looking plain and simple, to remarkably elegant. They’re not as difficult to make as you might think, taste lovely and are worth the little bit if effort to turn this cake into a star.
  • You don’t have to be a vegan to appreciate a good vegan cookie, or eat only gluten free to appreciate a gf recipe that really works. Manifest Vegan has been working on a version of a favorite cookie from before she started eating gluten free. These Almondy Chocolate Chip Cookies are the result. The cookies use a blend of buckwheat and almond flour for a nutty, buttery (using butter-flavored Earth Balance in the recipe) finished product. When making these, you can use “vegan” chocolate chips, but keep in mind that lots of semisweet and dark chocolate is already nondairy, so you can also chop up a favorite (probably much higher quality) bar to use.
  • A chocolate muffin is not the same as a chocolate cupcake, as Once Upon A Chef points out with some Chocoholic Muffins. These muffins aren’t too sweet and have a nice open crumb, but are still packed with cocoa flavor and a lot of chocolate chips. They’re a good way to start the day off with a little chocolate fix, especially if you can get your hands on one while the chocolate chips are still just a bit warm and melty.

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  • nika
    February 3, 2010

    Thnx for the link! Am gonna check out the other recipes, all look delish!


  • Jennifer Jo
    February 3, 2010

    You know, this is one of my favorite parts of your blog—the connection to what’s going on in other blogs. I know it takes a lot of time to search and link, but thanks for doing it.

  • Jenn
    February 4, 2010

    Hi Nicole, Thanks so much for the link…I appreciate it!

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