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Autumn Leaf Bundt Pan

Autumn Leaf Bundt Pan

Most bundt pans have ridges, spirals and other sharp edges to them. This one is almost completely smooth – except for the pattern of acorns and leaves that covers it, of course. The Autumn Leaf Bundt Pan is a new pan out for fall with a distinctly fall and holiday feel to it. The designs look pretty in the finished cake, but are very subtle compared to the designs on most bundt cakes and will be covered up easily if you decide to sprinkle the cake with powdered sugar.  Try to choose one that bakes up to have a nice brown exterior, more of a yellow cake or pound cake, instead of a chocolate cake. The desgins will stand out best on a plainer looking cake, like a carrot cake or a pear cake, as opposed to a cake that has lots of blueberries mixed into it.

The pan is, not surprisingly, made of cast aluminum and has a nonstick interior, but still needs to be greases to ensure that the leaves and acorns come out cleanly. Speaking of cleaning, this pan will be a little easier to clean than some bundts given its lack of very deep corners.

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  • Sharon B in WA
    September 4, 2009

    What a wonderful pan. I have the perfect cake for it too. Pear spice cake with praline frosting. I have a large Depression glass cake plate in Amber that I’m thinking needs this cake sitting on it. Thanks so much for letting us know about this new design.

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