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Decorating Bag Holder

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Decorating Bag Holder

One of the things that stops me from making elaborately decorated cakes and cookies is the fact that it can be a bit of a pain in the butt to mix up multiple icing colors, at least when you compare it to the effort of mixing up just a single color of icing. Even more of a problem is handling multiple pastry bags. The most efficient way to handle multiple icing colors is to make a big batch of icing, then subdivide it, putting each into its own pastry bag and using them all at once. I’ve tried different strageties to keep the bags organized, from simply setting them on the counter to standing each one up in a cup (fairly effective), but there is actually a special holder made just for holding pastry bags.

Wilton’s Decorating Bag Holder holds up to two large pastry bags – such as the type that might hold thicker doughs (choux dough, etc.) than just icing – six medium bags and six flower nails/small decorating tools. It will keep your kitchen neat and well-organized, and is especially handy if you like to take your time decorating and don’t want to have to monitor the pastry bags all the time to make sure they’re not leaking. Very thick doughs and icings will do well in a stand like this, but if you’re dealing with a thinner mixture, you might want to get a set of pastry bag tip covers to ensure that everything stays in the bag. The tip covers are also useful if you intend to store the icing or dough for a whole inside a pastry bag and want it to stay fresh.

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  • Diana
    July 15, 2009

    Brilliant! That photo totally makes me want to bake and deocrate Easter cookies 🙂

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