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  • The Lasagna Tart from 101 Cookbooks isn’t quite as hearty or cheesy as most lasagna variations. It doesn’t even have any noodles in the recipe. But it does have are all the traditional flavors of lasagna packed into an elegant tart crust. Instead of the noodles, it uses thinly sliced zucchini to give it some layers, and it still has lots of ricotta cheese and tomato sauce. This recipe turns lasagna from winter fare into something that can easily be served at a light summer lunch or dinner alongside a salad
  • The PB&J Stuffed French Toast-Waffles from Cara’s Cravings is a riff on several different dishes. It starts off as a peanut butter sandwich, with peanut butter spread between two slices of egg-rich challah bread. The sandwich is soaked in an egg and milk french toast mixture, then pressed in a waffle iron until golden brown. To complete the peanut butter and jelly effect, the gooey peanut butter “waffle” is then topped off with a mixed berry compote.
  • Just hearing the name, doesn’t tell you much about what an Italian Cream Cake is. It is a rich layer cake that incorporates coconut, walnuts and cream cheese frosting. It is one of those desserts where the whole thing is a lot more impressive – and delicious – than each of its parts. Just as The Pioneer Woman Cooks, who is sharing her friend’s recipe for the cake and isn’t a big fan of coconut on its own!
  • Chocolate and coffee is a winning combination in all its forms. Pittsburgh Needs Eated‘s Devil’s Food Cake with Espresso Frosting is a great example of this match. The cake is moist and dark, with lots of cocoa powder and unsweetened chocolate, accented with just a hint of espresso powder. The real coffee flavor comes in the frosting, where it is allowed to shine without chocolate. It gives the whole cake a mocha flavor and has the added benefit of not allowing the frosting to become too sweet.
  • Banana bread is a baked good that often does quite well with gluten free variations because a moist, dense and even chewy texture is a good thing, and it is not too difficult to achieve it without gluten and with the help of lots of ripe mashed banana. La Tartine Gourmand‘s Gluten Free Coconut and Banana Muffins use a mixture of quinoa, hazelnut and buckwheat flour to give these muffins a nutty flavor. There is coconut both in the muffins and on top, and there is a little bit of coconut milk in the batter, for richness, as well.

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