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Organic and Chic

Organic and ChicOrganic cooking is as simple as using organic ingredients, right? This is true, and easier for meats and vegetables than it is for baked goods. It’s not because organic flours and sugars are so few and far between, but because there is a lot more that goes into baking a layer cake than cooking a steak. The premise of Organic and Chic is that baking healthy doesn’t have to be a chore, and you certainly shouldn’t have to compromise on your culinary point of view to indulge in some sweets.

In this cookbook, healthy doesn’t mean fat free and no sugar “treats.” It means all organic ingredients, in-season fruits and whole grain flours, as well as bright, clean and sometimes unusual flavors. The recipes are clearly written and easy to follow. Most come with suggestions for flavor variations – such as rosemary, earl grey, matcha and ginger as options for shortbread cookies – and suggestions for serving. The cakes and cupcakes are accompanied by lots of great decorating tips that will allow you to put together some truly gorgeous cakes.

There are also plenty of beautiful photographs of the food throughout the book. Although not every recipe is photographed, the inclusion of endearing family photos from the author more than makes up for it. These photos really allow the reader to connect with the snippets of stories on pages and make the cookbook an enjoyable read even without cooking from it. It also gives the book a casual feeling, so when you read through the information on different organic ingredients (there is a list of resources if some are not readily available in your area in the back of the book), it feels like you’re talking to a friend, not being talked down to.

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  • Steff Burton
    June 9, 2009

    it looks so yummy!!!

  • Nail Lansang
    June 9, 2009

    Yes, its time to go back to organic recipe, because as a human being I observed that people in 60 are more healthy than in our time today because of what we eat.

  • Sara
    June 13, 2009

    So, So, So, So delicious!

  • diabetic
    September 23, 2009

    Does cookbook have any advice for diabetics? We’d love to hear from you as we constantly search for organic and diabetic friendly recipes… 🙂


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