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3D Bunny Cookie Cutters

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3D Bunny Cookie Cutters

If decorating Easter Eggs doesn’t offer quite enough opportunity for hands-on crafting this year, there are plenty of other options to make creative and cute things in the kitchen. You can make Peeps cupcakes, for instance, or you can pick up a set of 3D Bunny Cookie Cutters and make some awfully cute cookies. The cookie cutters, which come in a set of four and are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, make cut-outs for bodies, front and back legs, and ears. The set also comes with a sugar cookie recipe that doesn’t spread out during baking, which allows the cookie pieces to fit together cleanly, and a recipe for royal icing, which is used to glue the ears in place.

They’re certainly not as simple as some springtime cookie-making options, but the results are great. Making this type of cookie and decorating it is a great project for kids and their friends, too.

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  • Eliana
    April 9, 2009

    What will they think of next! Very cute.

  • Jen
    April 9, 2009

    Those cookies are adorable! I love making 3D cookies… they always look so impressive but are really quite easy to make!

  • Claire K.
    April 9, 2009

    The idea of 3D cookies has never occurred to me before — very intriguing!

  • Ciaochowlinda
    April 9, 2009

    I’ve never seen anything like it. Sooo fun especially for the young-uns (or adults who are young at heart.)

  • Kiersten
    April 10, 2009

    they’re almost too cute to eat

  • Jason Stevens
    April 12, 2009

    My neighbors kids loved this idea!

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