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Passion Fruit Curd

Passion Fruit Curd

Passion fruit, also sometimes written as passionfruit, is one of the best smelling fruits out there. Ripe fruit has a stong, sweet, floral scent that just makes you feel as though you’re somewhere tropical. More often than not, the passion fruits sold in US markets are a bit on the dry side, so I’m always thrilled when I can get my hands on some fresh, plump fruits. The two that inspired this batch of curd came from a friend who grows them.

The curd is made the same way as a lemon curd or a lime curd, using the juice of the passion fruit and combining it with sugar and eggs. Passion fruits usually have a fair amount of tart juice to give off when you cut into them, and you can extract some more by pressing the seeds and pulp through a strainer. I like to reserve the seeds and stir some in at the end of the curd-making process, and I do it for the same reasons that most passion fruit recipes do. It’s partially because the seeds are a dead-giveaway for the passion fruit flavor, but also because the black seeds at a nice contrasting color and texture to the mix.

If the scones in the picture look familiar, it’s because I served this curd with the coconut scones I posted the recipe for earlier this week. The combination of the coconut and passion fruit made for a very tropical treat. The passion fruit will go with many other dishes, from pancakes and waffles, to scones and muffins of almost any flavor. You can use it in place of lemon curd in tarts, cupcakes and cookies, as well.

Passion Fruit Curd
1/3 cup strained, fresh passion fruit juice (2 large passion fruit, 3-4 small)
6 tbsp sugar
1 large egg, room temperature
1-2 tbsp passion fruit seeds and pulp

Starting with fresh passion fruit, strain your passion fruit pulp to get all the juice out. Reserve 1-2 tbsp seeds and pulp.
In a small sauce pan, over medium heat, combine sugar and passion fruit juice. Stir until sugar is dissolved.
In a medium bowl, lightly beat egg. Whisking constantly (or with an electric mixer on low), very slowly stream the hot sugar syrup into the egg. Beat until very smooth, then pour through a strainer and back into the saucepan.
Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until the curd comes to a boil and is thick. Remove from heat and stir in reserved seeds.
Transfer to a small airtight container and store in the fridge. Chill completely before serving.

Makes about 2/3 cup.

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  • Mari Ann Lisenbe
    October 12, 2008

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