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Double Kitchen Timer

Double Kitchen TimerMy kitchen has several timers in it. There are timers built in to the microwave and oven, as well as timers on my radio/cd player and a magnetic timer that I stick to any handy surface. I could even use the alarm clock on my cell phone if I had to. It’s rare that I actually need to put all of them to use at the same time, but because I hate to rely on a clock and try to remember the exact start and end times of what I’m cooking, I’d rather be over-timered than under-timered; it’s so much more convenient to have a timer go off to remind me when to check my cake.

Until I had my portable timer, I found myself setting and resetting the oven and microwave timers as I cooked. The microwave timer, for instance, only works well if I don’t want to use the microwave for anything when it is in use. So for me, multifunctional timers are the way to go. Mine is a plain digital timer, but I’ve had my eye on this retro-styled Double Kitchen Timer for a while now. The timer has two independent timers that time up to 55 minutes each. I admit that it’s not quite as versatile as my digital timer, since that covers a much wider time range (up to 12 hours), but the look is just adorable and it will work great for most kitchen tasks.

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  • Carole R.
    August 21, 2008

    Buy a timer and do a good deed. These are talking timers made for the blind but we sighted people can use them too. They are $9.95 and shipping is free. They count up or down. I keep one in the kitchen, one at the computer and one next to the grill.

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  • Mrs. Sound
    August 22, 2008

    This gadget is great. Even though we could make us of our household clock as a timer. But is great and useful also. Thanks for the share.

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