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  • You can never have too many variations on a theme when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, and one of the best things about food blogs is that they offer plenty of inspiration for new flavor combinations. Take Nook and Pantry‘s Chocolate Chip Pistachio Candied Orange Cookies, for instance. A few tweaks and you’ve taken chocolate chip cookies to a whole new level.
  • Little custard tarts are one of those great tea-time indulgences that you just can’t stop eating – even though you know you should after eating two or three. More Than Burnt Toast baked up some lovely looking Portuguese Custard Tarts. The recipe uses premade puff pastry as a crust, so these really are very simple to make, even though they turn out looking quite elegant.
  • Speaking of bite sized desserts, Cooking with Amy also went the miniature route this week with some Mini Rhubarb Strawberry Galettes. Each freeform tart offers up a few bites of tender pasty, fresh fruit and lots of sweetness. The recipe can be played with to use other fruits, and will take only a couple of minutes to put together as long as you make the dough in advance.
  • Bacon ice cream is one trendy foodie item that I can’t quite get on board with, no matter how interesting Jumbo Empanada‘s version sounds. The recipe is actually from David Lebovitz and uses bacon that has been candied to give it some extra sweetness. I’ll stick to bacon with breakfast, but feel free to experiment with this dessert version if you want to get in your daily dose before bedtime.
  • I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for muffins with a streusel topping, not only because streusel tastes good, but because it adds a lot of extra “oomph” to an otherwise ordinary muffin. Closet Cooking‘s Blueberry Maple Oatmeal Muffins with are nowhere near boring to start with, loaded with maple syrup, mashed banana and lots of berries, so you can imagine that they only get better when topped with cinnamon, sugar and toasty pecans.

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