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  • Alanna (from Veggie Venture)’s Vanilla Brownies might not sound like the fudgy, chocolaty goodness that you might expect from a brownie recipe, but rest assured that the brownies are not lacking in the chocolate department. Instead, they are spiked with a generous amount of vanilla bean that is pureed into the sugar so as to contribute the maximum vanilla flavor possible to the batter.
  • From what I’ve heard, when you go to the Caribbean on vacation, tracking down decadent, boozy rum cake is a must. Our Kitchen Sink missed out on the cake while in Bermuda, but made up for it with a Ginger Rum Cake baked at home. It’s a rich sour cream bundt cake with ginger streusel and an adult rum glaze. It’s a taste of the tropics – and not a bad way to save on airfare!
  • Rice pudding is not known for being the most exciting dessert out there and is usually quite plain, aside from a bit of vanilla and cinnamon. Food Blogga has a much more interesting version of the dish, a Coconut Lime Rice Pudding with Mangos and Cashews. The flavors in the dessert are bright, but relatively subtle, and the cashews add a nice little crunch to make the texture more multi-dimensional.
  • S’mores and rocky road are two personal favorites, so naturally I couldn’t resist mentioning Cookie Madness‘s Rocky Road Fudge Brownie Muffins. Baked in muffin tins, the treats have a rich brownie base topped with chocolate chips, pecans and mini marshmallows. Walnuts will work, too, if pecans aren’t your favorite match for fudgy brownies or rocky road.
  • Quick bread coffee cakes are popular morning fare because they’re so easy to make. Yeast breads take more time and, before coffee, it can be a tall order to whip up. An Overnight Coffee Cake, like the one that the Wednesday Chef baked up using Donna Deane’s recipe. The yeasted dough is prepared the evening before you want to bake it. It is rolled, shaped and filled with a light meringue. All you have to do in the morning is bring it up to room temperature and bake it – making it even easier to work on without coffee than your average coffee cake or muffin recipe!

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