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  • Crepes often have a very plain cheese at their center when they are filled. The rolled pancakes usually have a delicate flavor and texture on their own, and a mild cheese can work very well. Unfortunately, it can also be boring, which is why Zoe Bakes opted to use more flavorful chevre, lightened up with some whipped cream to give it a better texture, in her Strawberries and Rhubarb Springtime Crepes.
  • Another blogger who featured rhubarb this week was Ward Street Bistro with a Rhubarb Custard Pie. The pie looks absolutely stunning. There is no way that you could tell from looking at it that the pie is very simple, with only a handful of ingredients making up the custard filling and crumble topping. The only thing that requires any time at all is rolling out the pie crust, and possibly a trip to the store for some fresh rhubarb.
  • The Chocolate Swoon Bars from Dozen Flours caught my eye for this round of Baking Bites based solely on their name. Just like the cutely-named Orange Kiss-Me Cake, these bars are likely to inspire a strong reaction when eaten. The bars are brownies, rich with milk chocolate chips and topped off with semisweet. The process of making them is simple – and that’s a good thing, because it sounds like a recipe that deserves seconds.
  • I’ve been eating granola and yogurt for breakfast lately. Oats, dried fruits, nuts and spices add welcome crunch to my morning meal. I never thought of adding chocolate into the mix, but after seeing Everybody likes SandwichesCocoa-coconut granola. It has all the usual good things in there, but is enhanced with some cocoa powder to give it a chocolaty taste. The recipe is still very healthy, with minimal oil and lots of applesauce, so will still fit in with my breakfast plans, too.
  • If you are a fan of tangy, tasty sourdough bread, I have two words for you that should get you out of your chair and into the kitchen:Sourdough Croissants. These beauties were mixed up by Brown Interior and I’m willing to bet that they taste even better than they look. For those who are wondering, the recipe does require that you have a sourdough starter to work with, but since you can either beg some from a friend or buy one very inexpensively if you don’t already have one, this is as good an excuse to begin working with them as any.
  • I rarely try to make strongly flavored breads (unless cinnamon swirl is involved) because their use is often quite limited and I prefer most of my breads to have the versatility to be toast in the morning and a sandwich later in the day. So I was very impressed with I saw that Have Cake Will Travel wanted to challenge a tricky, rich flavor and use it as the focal point for a loaf of homemade bread. Her Mole Bread has unsweetened chocolate and loads of spice in the form of cayenne pepper, chili powder and cinnamon for an impressive, and flavorful, loaf.

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  • Oatmeal Cookie Guy
    May 21, 2008

    Mmm. Sourdough croissants…now that’s something comepletely different.

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