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  • Butter brickle is a cutesy name for toffee or toffee flavored things. It started out as a trademarked name for some toffee ice cream in the 1920 and gradually got passed to the maker’s of Heat bar and finally on to Hershey’s. Since Heath is still the primary maker of chocolate covered toffee bits – for baking or otherwise – the name pops up with lots of different types of baked goods. Cookie Baker Lynn‘s Lynn’s Butter Brickle Munchers use the toffee bits to dress up an already good, moist and chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe. The toffee highlighted the dough’s browned butter flavor and added a contrasting texture.
  • While we’re on the subject of candy, there is a lot more that can be done with a candy bar than just cutting it up and stirring it into cookies, no matter how good those cookies are. Alpineberry baked a Snicker’s Pie, for instance. The ultra-rich pie has layers of fudge, cream cheese and chocolate ganache on top of a graham cracker crust and looks very like the cross section of a snickers. Some actual candy bars are cut up and added to the pie, too.
  • I always enjoy making clafoutis because they are simple and quite elegant. Instead of going for elegant, Bron Marshall decided to opt for fun with his latest clafoutis and made Banana Split Clafoutis. He baked halved bananas in boat-shaped bowls, then topped them with chocolate chips, homemade ice cream, whipped cream and walnuts. All that is missing is the cherry!
  • 80 Breakfasts also used a boat-shaped dish for a recipe this week. The dishes were lined with puff pastry, then topped with thick-cut bacon, whole eggs, mustard and cheese, then baked into Breakfast Bacon and Egg Pies. The pastry provides and quick and easy crust, making the classic flavors of the other elements look a lot fancier. It’s fast enough for a weekday, but is a perfect brunch dish.
  • Just as a lot can be done with puff pastry, a lot can be done with phyllo. Once Upon a Tart has been playing around with it lately and used it in a great recipe for Potato Strudel with Sage and Ham. It doesn’t take long to slice and cook the potatoes, but this is the kind of dish that is a perfect use for leftovers since all the filings can be easily changed and rearranged. A nice – and good looking – alternative to a sandwich for lunch.
  • I’ve always been a vanilla cupcake kind of girl, but even if I preferred chocolate, I wouldn’t hesitate to reach for one of Cupcake Bakeshop‘s Three-Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Sea Salt. The light and fluffy cupcakes have three types of vanilla in them to give them a very bold, rich vanilla flavor: vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, and vanilla bean. On top of that (quite literally), the cupcake is finished with a sprinkle of vanilla sea salt. The salt can be found at a few specialty stores, but can easily be made by mixing vanilla bean with sea salt and storing it.

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  • Wheeler's
    April 23, 2008

    Snickers pie! That is now on my list of things I need to try. Yum!

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