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Pre-bitten gingerbread cookie cutters

want a bite?

There is always a system to eating a cut-out cookie. Unlike a regular drop cookie, cutouts tend to have points and other bits that stick out from the center of the cookie – bits that tempt you to eat them first. Gingerbread men in particular seem to deserve a system when being eaten. Do you start head first? Feet first? Or do you go right for the body in one bite? I always seem to go for the extremities first, followed by the head and then the body of the cookie. Maybe it’s because of my system, and maybe it’s because they’re just plain cute, but I love this set of already-been-chewed gingerbread cookie cutters. The set includes three pre-bitten cutters, each one missing a head, a leg or an arm. It would be fun to bake up a whole plate of these, but it would also be good for a laugh or two if you slipped a cookie with a baked-in bite mark onto a plate of regular gingerbread cookies.

If you end up with cookie cutters like these, don’t forget to give the gingerbread men sad faces. I think that they know their fate a bit better than their unbitten counterparts. And don’t forget to enter your decorated cookies into my gingerbread cookie contest (Update: contest now closed)!

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  • Sophia
    December 4, 2007

    These are so cute!

  • Eaglehawk
    December 5, 2007

    I love them…may just have to buy them.

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