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Pie eating, gone to the dogs

charlie with piesIf you have a cat or a dog (or possibly some other larger-than-a-hamster pet), your pet has probably eaten something s/he shouldn’t have at least once or twice. Dropped a piece of chicken on the floor? Turned your back on a plate of cake sitting on a low table? In most cases, you would discipline your pet and probably make a mental note to be more careful with foodstuffs in the future.

This did not happen for a bichon frise named Charlie, who broke into his owner’s ridge and wolfed down 20 meat pies destined for the annual pie eating championship at Harry’s Bar in Wigan, UK. Replacement pies were found for the contest, but Charlie’s owner was so impressed with his performance that he asked that the dog be entered in the official competition (As if the sport of competitive eating weren’t strange enough to begin with)! The contest was held this past weekend and, unfortunately, Charlie didn’t win the contest, as he seemed to be so full from his binge that he didn’t finish his competition pie.

If Charlie ever decides to premanently enter the sport, I think that I have a cat that might just be willing to take him on….

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  • Alison
    December 17, 2007

    That is too funny! My grandmother’s pomeranian once drug a roast off the table after my grandmother had gone out to call everyone to dinner. Lord knows my little guy has gotten his fair share of stolen treats, but nothing too serious!

  • clumsy
    December 17, 2007

    I was cracking up when I heard about this story on the news. He’s so small, I can’t believe he ate all those pies! I would NOT want to be the one to walk him that night!! hehe

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