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Food and drink hacks

Lifehackeris a weblog dedicated to searching out tips and tricks to make your life easier. It primarily focuses on software and technology, but since the blog’s inception it has reached out into other areas more than a few times. The team over there recently compiled a list of their top 10 Food and drink hacks: little “hacks” that make food prep and storage quicker, more efficient or just more interesting.

Their list includes instructions on how to turn a cd storage case into a bagel tote (#9), how not to cry when chopping onions (#3) and how to open a beer or soda bottle using nothing more than a piece of paper (#1).

Reading through their top 10 and watching the handful of associated videos makes me wish I had more of my own food hacks. Does it count if I use a muffin pan for more than just muffin making, in place of using specialty pans for things like making popovers?

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  • mamaloo
    November 30, 2007

    I have a friend who uses her muffin tin to make falafel balls.

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