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Dinner with a steamy chef

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I’ve been watching Bravo TV’s Top Chef reality show since season one (they’re now in season three) and am a huge fan. It’s natural, then, that a Top Chef-related contest would catch my eye.

Glad – which is a huge sponsor of Top Chef – is running a contest to find the steamiest chef in America. The nominees are Sam Talbot, Dave Lieberman, Govind Armstrong, G. Garvin and Aaron Sanchez, and you can vote for your favorite. The winner gets the title and $30,000 to donate to his favorite charity. But the best part of this particular contest is the fact that everyone who votes gets a chance to win a private dinner cooked by the winner (or a trip for 2 to Miami, if you prefer that option for some reason).

I’m probably not supposed to influence your votes, but my money is on Sam to win. Sam managed to win himself tons of adoring fans while he was on Top Chef (although he wouldn’t have been my personal choice of “steamiest” chef out of all the possible contestants) and since the contest is targeting fans of the show, it’s likely to attract more Sam-fans than fans of, say, Dave Lieberman. That said, I wouldn’t be suprised if Govind Armstrong gave him a run for his money, since he made People magazine’s list of the 50 most beautiful people last year.

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  • Maggi
    August 24, 2007

    Dave Lieberman??? How on earth is he considered steamy? Oh well, to each his own…

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